The Show

Brilliant show last night, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it… thank you.


The Beatlez are versatile enough to provide many fantastic and memorable entertainment options for your guests and venue. Our multi-costumed show generally moves chronologically from the Beatlemania rock’n’roll era to the psychedelic Sgt Peppers material, finishing with the classic ‘rooftop’ songs. This is our most popular option and always a great event, however if price or venue size is limited, we may have another solution!

Examples of what we can provide

  • 3 x 45 min sets (our regular club show)
  • 2 x 1 hour sets
  • 1 hour of ‘greatest hits’ for awards nights or corporate events
  • Dinner set of The Beatles more laid back songs
  • Full acoustic show (great for smaller venues or smaller budgets)
  • Lennon and McCartney duo show

Of course… we can mix elements any of these concepts to suit whatever your night requires!

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