George Harrison’s range of guitars played a massively important part in creating the Beatles’ sound.

For songs from the early Beatles era, our George plays a re-issue Gretsch, 6122 County Gentlemen guitar identical to George Harrison’s second Country Gent. Harrison played this iconic guitar on many of the Beatles most famous appearances including the Ed Sullivan Show and the Beatles world tour of 1964 (inc Australia).
The Beatlez’ second set featuring songs from the mid-60’s era, sees our George using a re-issue 1964 Sunburst Epiphone Casino. This vintage hollow body guitar is identical to that used by our John (and John Lennon alike) in all aspects except tailpiece. George Harrison’s Casino featured a B7 Bigsby Tremolo tailpiece, naturally our George’s guitar is also setup in this fashion.

For songs from both the 1963-64 and the 1965-66 era’s our George uses a Fire-Glo Rickenbacker 360-12. This 12 string guitar was is synonymous with George Harrison and the Beatles sound of the early to mid sixties. The guitar used by our George is identical to the first of the two Fire-Glo Rickenbacker 12 string guitars used during the sixties by George Harrison and features binding top and back, triangular inlays and a trapeze tail piece. This guitar is used for classics such as ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ and ‘If I needed someone’.

For the 1967-69 era our George uses a Sonic Blue, Fender Stratocaster. This is identical to the 1961 ‘Strats’ purchased on John and George’s behalf by Mal Evens in 1965. Shortly after the Sgt. Pepper sessions George Harrison decided to paint his Sonic Blue Strat. His colourful, new look guitar, dubbed “Rocky” by Harrison has been faithfully re-created by the Beatlez down to the smallest details.

In addition to his extensive range of guitars, our George uses a Rogue electric Sitar to produce the genuine sitar sounds for songs such as Norwegian Wood.

Similar to our John, George uses a Vox AC-30 CCX amplifier to recreate the genuine Beatles guitar sound.

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